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5 Fascinating Facts About Harry Potter Studio Tours and the Film Franchise

Heads up, Potterheads and the Harry Potter novel enthusiasts! We bring you the most fascinating aspects of the Harry Potter film franchise and the Warner Bros. Studio Tour that even the most dedicated fans may not know. Want to know where the inspiration for the franchise’s name comes from? Or there might be something interesting about the Harry Potter Studio Tours that’s garnering the attention of every potterhead?

Well, we have the answer to that and much more. No matter if you’re a die-hard Potterhead or simply want to know more about filmmaking, there’s something interesting for everyone in this blog post. So grab your wands, let’s begin:

1. The Name “Harry Potter” Was Inspired from a Village

Imagine walking along a lovely English village where your mind starts buzzing with creativity. That’s exactly what happened to J.K. Rowling when she was in the town of Lacock, a remote village in England.

While on holiday, Rowling met an elderly gentleman who had a dog, and guess what? Its name was “Harry”. What’s more interesting is that she stumbled upon a pottery shop nearby, hence the word “Potter”. This encounter gave birth to one of the most iconic characters in literary history, Harry Potter, which in turn, resulted in 7 books and a franchise of 8 films.

The town of Lacock also served as one of the filming locations for Harry Potter’s first film and also for many other thriller, drama, and fantasy movies. Well, its breathtaking locations and classic British outlook are to blame!

2. The Weasley Twins Had Mistaken Their Film Identities

Being cast in one of the most beloved films of all time is a dream come true for many. But it’s equally hectic when you find yourself unsure of which character you have to portray. Well, that’s exactly what happened to James and Oliver Phelps, the actors behind Fred and George Weasley.

Despite landing the roles, the twins initially had a hard time figuring out who was supposed to play which twin. Finally, a conversation with the casting director sets things straight for them. James was assigned to Fred and Oliver to George.

3. Warner Bros. Studio Offers a Realistic Journey via Harry Potter London Tickets

If you’ve ever dreamed of entering the magical world of Hogwarts, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London should be on your wishlist. Well, when booking your Harry Potter London tickets, you won’t actually be landing in Hogwarts on a magic flying car, as Harry and Ron did in the second Harry Potter film.

But you’ll have an almost equally magical opportunity to explore iconic sets and participate in the wand workshop to try some spells like a wizard. Everything over there is recreated for a realistic experience.

From authentic costumes to props, the Harry Potter Studio Tours offers a behind-the-scenes view of the wizarding world. Behold the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the entire production and direction team that brought J.K. Rowling’s story to life.

Harry Potter Studio Tours
Harry Potter Studio Tours

4. The Feasting in the Great Hall Was Initially Real

Every pictured yourself in the majestic Great Hall of Hogwarts? Well, it’s fun to imagine yourself as one of those newcomer wizards under the gigantic walls of the Great Hall surrounded by mysteriously dangling candles. That sumptuous feast in the films prepared for wizards and witches certainly seemed magical, right? Well, it was – until the reality of filmmaking came in. 

The Director of the first film wanted authenticity by using real food in the early scenes of the movie. However, the heat from the production lights quickly turned the food moldy. Subsequently, the production team went for frozen foods to maintain the realistic appearance of food without the risk of spoilage in the next movies.

5. Homework and Hogwarts Or A Blend of Fiction and Reality

Wondering what went on behind the scenes during the shooting of Harry Potter? In the case of Harry Potter’s first film, the Philosopher’s Stone, the actors portraying Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione (Emma Watson), and Ron (Rupert Grint) were hitting the books between takes! So, turns out, it wasn’t just the magical study in the films, but the “muggle study” in reality as well.

That’s right. Weren’t the rest of us just daydreaming about magic and adventure? Well, the actors behind the “Golden Trio” were tackling their schoolwork on set at that time. Talk about multitasking!

Final Words

As we conclude, it’s more than clear that the magic of J.K. Rowling’s story extends beyond her books. It now enchants every die-hard fan of the character, the film, the story, or the novel itself. Every aspect of the film franchise and the Harry Potter studio tours is embedded with creativity and imagination, one that baffles our mind if we put some thought into it. The journey through these five fascinating facts offers a deeper appreciation for the film series and the talented people who made it all possible.

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