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If you are under 26 years of age and wish to book a car, the driver will normally be referred to as a “young driver” and will likely have to pay a supplement. The young driver fee indicates the additional Car on rent in Lahore daily amount established by the renter for drivers under 26 years of age, which will be charged to the driver’s credit card directly upon collection of the car. Auto Pakistan will provide you with all the information on this matter, so you can evaluate everything in advance.

However, There are some Rental Companies

Please note that the young driver fee, as well as the supplement for the second driver, are per person. Therefore, if any additional drivers placed on site are all under 26 years of age, they will each have to pay both the young driver tax and the supplement for the second driver. This is a rate that can be daily or flat rate depending on the rental days. However, there are some rental companies that provide an additional driver for free, thus allowing a good saving. But be careful, if even in this case the additional driver is under 26 years old, he will probably have to pay the young driver tax. For married couples, many rental companies in the Pakistan offer the possibility of including the partner as a second driver for free, but even in this case you must pay attention to age limits and any surcharges.

Minimum age for Car Rental

The minimum age for car rental is established by the destination country. Furthermore, each car rental company can decide whether to respect this limit or increase it. In Italy, for example, the minimum age to rent a car is 18 years, but renters only have the obligation to use this limit as a basis, and can Car Rental Agency in Lahore therefore also raise it. Below are three examples of compact car rental in Lahore with different suppliers. You can view all the information by clicking on the “information icon” next to the image of the selected car, after entering the search parameters.

Availability of Cars Based on age

A car rental under 26 years of age may affect the choice of available car categories, depending on the rules set by the renter. For example, luxury cars or sports cars could be excluded from rental, for which there are more restrictive age requirements. In this case it is not even sufficient to take out comprehensive insurance on site. We remind you that the renters, as owners of the rental vehicles, themselves decide the limits to apply and Auto Pakistan has no influence. However, all of this is aimed at protecting young drivers, both from a financial and health point of view.

Car Rental Under 26 Years – Insurance Conditions

Whether you book online on our website or by telephone with one of our experts, it is very important to indicate the exact age of the driver, which will then appear on the confirmation voucher. This is because, as we have seen, rental companies have different standards for young drivers. For example, while for drivers over 26 years of age basic insurance is sufficient plus the blocking of the security deposit on the credit card (in case of damage or theft), young drivers may be required to take out full insurance. For more information on Auto Pakistan rates, coverage and on-site insurance, see Auto Pakistan travel advice.

Importance of the Date of Issue of the License

Most rental companies require the primary driver to have held a driver’s license for at least one year. In Ireland, however, at least two years are required, while in the USA an international driving license may be required. This is an English translation of your driving license, to avoid problems with the local authorities. It will therefore be necessary to bring both your national and international driving license with you.

Ways to Minimize Car Rental age Costs

The easiest way to reduce car rental costs is to have someone in your group who is over 26 years old, willing to be the only driver. However, if everyone is under 26, we suggest appointing just one driver, so as to pay the young driver tax only once. Another low-cost alternative is to travel for at least 21 days or more, as, for some markets, Auto Pakistan has partnered with Peugeot, which offers new rental cars for luxury car rental in Lahore a month, to drivers aged 18 and over. Do you want to book a car rental from 21 years old? A short-term car rental lease is a great solution for young drivers as it relieves them of any additional costs that they would otherwise have to bear. Now that you know more about your options for car rental under 26s, all you have to do is book your car with Auto Pakistan! Through Auto Pakistan you can always access lots of other useful information on all topics relating to car rental.

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