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How do I change my Passenger name on Allegiant Flight booking

Every passenger has to follow the appropriate name change policy to change their passenger name. The passenger name change procedure has to be supported through various legal documents. You can opt to change your name for multiple reasons. Additionally, ticket transfer is not allowed on Allegiant flights. Thus, kindly go through the procedures below to get more updates on the Allegiant Air Name Change policy, procedures below. You may have to change your name on the flight tickets for several reasons. Get the details on the reasons here.

What is the Passenger name change policy?

  • You will find the name change policy on every airline.
  • There are primarily correct names if you have made mistakes while filing the case.
  • This can be done majorly by three procedures.
  • You can do it by finishing the procedures accordingly.
  • Also, make sure to manage your travel by reserving the ticket online.

Why is name-changing important on Allegiant Air tickets?

  • Sometimes, your name may not match the name with the government-issued photo ID.
  • Under such circumstances, you won’t be allowed to take a trip through Allegiant.
  • Thus, under such circumstances, you have to alter the name on Allegiant Airline flight.

How do you change the passenger name on Allegiant flights?

  • You can change the name through your mobile phone.
  • For this process, you must inform a flight attendant about the problem.
  • You must share the name change information with a giant flight agent by phone.
  • Calling can allow everyone to make the required name change on the Allegiant flight tickets by visiting the office.

Name change after contacting a customer care

  • You have to call a customer care agent by dialing the provided number.
  • You can find the number on the Allegiant Airline website.
  • Allegiant Airline number is also available on their original website.
  • After reaching a customer care representative, you have to state the problem.
  • The customer care representative will attend you and solve the query.
  • Your customer care representatives will charge a fee for it.
  • Pay the necessary fees to finish the process.

Name change by reaching the Allegiant Airline office

  • It is simple to change the Allegiant Airline request through its office.
  • You have to bring the necessary documents along with the change of name.
  • To complete this process, visit the Allegiant Airlines office.
  • Then, connect with an Allegiant Airline agent.
  • After that, make the corrections, such as if you have a spelling error.
  • Also, pay the necessary fees to finish the Allegiant Air Name Change policy.

Name change through the Allegiant website

  • To change your name, you have to visit the Allegiant Website.
  • After that, you have to search for the manage my trip option.
  • Then. Make the changes you want to make to your flight tickets.
  • First, enter the old name on your flight ticket.
  • Then, enter the new name of your flight ticket.
  • Confirm the changes you made to the flight ticket.
  • Finish the process carefully.
  • Pay the required amount of fees.

What is the necessary fee for an Allegiant Airlines passenger name change?

  • The required name-changing fees depend on the change.
  • You have to pay an amount of 0 USD to 75 USD based on the changes.
  • You can make the changes up to 7 before the scheduled departure.
  • Up to three characters can be changed on your flight tickets.
  • You can easily cancel or book your flights at Trip Flex.


Thus, we have mentioned the most straightforward procedure for changing your name on the Allegiant Flights. So you can follow this process to change the passenger names on your air tickets.

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