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Precise measurements by Commercial Roofing Contractors NYC without leaving the earth beneath your feet: it was once usual practice to climb onto rooftops to obtain building measurements, but this is no longer necessary! Facades and roofs of any shape may be measured with ease.

Why are measures necessary?

1. Building maintenance: roof and facade.

Before beginning any roof repair or building project, accurate drawings with correct measurements and positions of chimneys, ventilation shafts, and other parts must be provided. NYC Roof Repair Contractors use these comprehensive drawings to analyze potential damage or to estimate the amount of labor and costs.

A façade measurement is required when renovating or replacing a building’s facade. The facade measurement comprises not only the height and breadth of the front, but also the precise placement of windows, doors, balconies, and other elements. Possible damage or anomalies to the external wall are also noticed and noted. This means that facade measurement is a crucial starting point for facade restoration.

2. Roof measurements for photovoltaic systems.

Solar energy is gaining popularity due to its ability to provide sustainable electricity. Before installing photovoltaic systems, a roof survey is required to calculate the right number of solar panels per square meter, the overall output of the intended solar system, and the project’s equipment requirements.

3. Settlement of damages under building insurance

When natural factors, such as strong winds or heavy rainfall, damage roofs, insurance claims are usually filed. To evaluate the amount of the damage, damage adjusters must inspect the damaged buildings on-site. Previously, the expert was necessary to physically climb each building. However, it is now possible to evaluate numerous buildings in a single day by simply flying drones. This significantly improves the process’s safety and efficiency.

Upload photos to receive precise measurements!

Softwares provides a cloud service for creating scale 3D models from drone photographs. In this manner, you may show your consumers what the end project might look like.

Drone for roofers in practice

In a few simple steps, a drone is ready to use by  Residential Roofing Contractors NYC. High-quality models, such as the score points, have a battery life of approximately 20 minutes; new batteries are also available. The drone’s remote control communicates with a regular smartphone via an app. If the gadget loses communication with the transmitter, it will automatically return to its initial position. However, it is still prudent to incorporate the drone into your business insurance.

Modern models are durable and can resist strong winds. GPS control eliminates the need for particular flying skills; the drones automatically stabilize in the right location. Stormy winds do not prevent operation, however, rain is not permitted.

Make the best use of materials.

Drones also ensure that the roofing industry’s vehicle fleet is utilized to its full potential. A single employee with a standard automobile is adequate for a drone-based roof check. Meanwhile, the remaining workers and equipment can be utilized for roof work. As a result, capacity planning has improved over time at a minimal cost and with little training.

Beneficial to both the company and the client

A drone for Roof Repair Contractors NY NY provides a win-win situation for both parties. The roof inspection by drone is quick and thorough. This persuades customers and alleviates their reservations about scheduling a roof check. The appraisal of existing photo and video material clarifies the provided offer for the customer. Companies that use drone technology report constant positive results.

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