The Most Recent ED Treatments Are Listed Below.

ED is no longer a rare disorder these days. Normally males from all age groups have this penis disorder. Scientists now have effective treatments for ED, particularly with the use of medications such as Vidalista.

But did you know that there are newer medicines available to treat erectile dysfunction more effectively? So, in this article, we’ll learn about and investigate these new treatments.

Once approved and evaluated, this PRP therapy should be able to totally recover patients from ED, which is presently not achievable with the usage of medications such as Vidalista 20 Mg Online.

So let’s learn more about them.

Cream Application

Do you know that major pharmaceutical companies have created creams that may help cure ED? If the FDA and other drug regulatory authorities approve these creams or topical gels for widespread use, it will be extremely useful to patients.

For example, you do not need to take any of your medications, such as Vidalista 80. Scientists have created lotions that can potentially allow you to get hard quickly by simply applying them to the penile region. The majority of these lotions include the chemical Alprostadil.

They can produce benefits quickly because you don’t have to wait an hour or so for firm erections. The cream’s application allows it to be absorbed and immediately begin developing a strong erection.

People who use other medications, such as alpha-blockers, Mao inhibitors, and those containing nitrate compounds, will no longer have to be concerned about medicinal contraindications.

PRP Treatment

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma therapy, involves injecting a type of plasma into the penile tissues to repair existing blood vessels and arteries and promote the formation of new capillary networks.

The PRP therapy has not yet been approved by the US FDA, but according to medical research institutes, it is in the process of safety administration and testing. Once this step is approved, the following stage will involve clinical studies in which this PRP substance will be injected into ED patients and the resulting effects will be measured.

There is still a lot of study to be done to determine what dosage should be used during trials and what potential side effects to be mindful of.

Vacuum Cleaners

Penile pumps and other vacuum devices are already in use. People who want a newer method of ED treatment other than tablets can experiment with such gadgets. By the way, these devices are called as penile pumps.

Penile pumps, as well as other modern gadgets like penile implants, allow you to inflate an implanted tube in the penis to obtain an erection.

Currently, such treatment is in extremely restricted use and is not available to all patients, owing to its high cost. Researchers are currently working to make these medicines more affordable to the general public. Another issue that scientists are still working on is successfully controlling and mitigating adverse effects such as allergies and infections, which are common these days.

Stem Cell Treatment

This is a cutting-edge cell therapy solution for ED that can also permanently cure the condition. Scientists have discovered that one specific difficulty that many ED patients confront is the damaged epithelial cell lining in the damaged walls of Blood Vessels and capillaries. Because of the damaged cell lining, blood flow via such blood vessels is drastically reduced, which is why patients are unable to have or maintain an erection for an extended period of time.

However, with stem cell therapy, scientists may be on the cusp of finding viable solutions to such problems. Scientists are hoping to directly inject stem cells into the patient’s penis, where they will develop into healthy epithelial cells. In this way, the blood-flow problem will be rectified, putting a stop to ED once and for all.

The present issue for scientists is to find a more effective and cost-effective approach to mass-produce stem cells in laboratories.

Shockwave Treatment

Shockwave therapy is another cutting-edge treatment that is still in the early stages of development. Patients with ED are administered low-intensity shockwaves, which according to their research may help people get a better erection. Scientists believe that if the therapy and its administration are adequately described, it will be able to cure individuals with mild to moderate ED. You won’t have to take ED medicines like Vidalista 60 for weeks or months this way.

Penile Transplantation

You’ve probably heard of kidney transplants, but have you ever heard of penis transplants? And guess what? We have additional news for you that will most likely surprise you even more. The first successful penis transplant was performed in 2018 at John Hopkins Hospital. The complete penis gets transplanted here. This cutting-edge procedure can treat not only ED but also other penile disorders like urine continence and premature ejaculation.

Vascular Stent Use

Many of us have probably heard about stents being implanted in the hearts of people suffering from coronary artery disease. Scientists have been pushed to develop novel penile stents that can be put into the penis to ensure proper strong erection for impotent patients. This type of therapy is primarily in the concept stage, with extensive study, development, and testing still required.


We’ve talked about a lot of potential treatments that could be employed on a wide basis in the future. Some treatments and methods of therapy are already prohibited, such as the use of penile pumps and penis transplants. However, until such medicines become widely available, you must rely on the existing method of ED treatment, which is the use of ED pills such as Vidalista Tablets.

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