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IVF is carried out in several scientific steps combining fertility enhancing drugs and technology. With the help of herbs, excellent eggs are first created. One or more embryos are created by collecting those eggs and mating them with the best sperm in the laboratory. The embryo is then implanted into the mother’s uterus with the help of a catheter. This procedure, divided into several steps, is somewhat laborious, time-consuming and costly, but the chances of conceiving a child are 40-60 percent. 

When to seek IVF help

If a couple is unable to conceive after a year of trying, they are considered to have fertility problems. In this case, the sooner you can go to the doctor without suffering from inferiority complex or public shame, the better. After conducting necessary tests, doctors first try to solve the problem with medicine or injection. Sometimes laparoscopy-hysteroscopy is done. If this does not work, IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) or Best IVF Center in Lahore is taken. 

1) IVF in female infertility 

Age is a big factor in this. Because the number and quality of eggs decreases with age. If the woman is 40 or above, it is better to seek IVF help. Sometimes problems or blockages in the fallopian tubes prevent the egg from getting fertilized or the embryo from reaching the uterus. The IVF procedure avoids this problem as these two steps are done outside the body in a laboratory. And women whose menstruation is irregular, the ovaries do not produce eggs every month, IVF is beneficial. IVF is effective in treating endometriosis. If there are fibroids (tumors) in the uterus, it is difficult to transfer the fertilized egg. This problem can be solved in IVF. IVF can be done if you want to get pregnant again for any reason after having a tubal ligation or sterilization.

2) IVF in Male Infertility 

Many times men have difficulty conceiving due to problems in sperm concentration, mobility or morphology. In this case Male Fertility Treatment in Lahore is beneficial. IVF is an effective procedure for insemination with sperm from another donor (donor sperm) when the male partner is unable to have intercourse or does not ejaculate properly.

Preparation for IVF

Before starting the treatment, you have to prepare your body and mind. Positive attitude and cooperation of other family members is required. Hormonal balance is disturbed when there is anxiety or worry. So stress must be reduced. Must be physically fit. Regular walking, yoga will keep the weight under control. Eat healthy food. Avoid drinking or smoking or intoxicants. Adequate sleep is essential. Preparatory-phase treatment steps need to be discussed in detail with the doctor. How many embryos will be implanted in the uterus must be decided in advance. 

Physical examination of women

Objective To test the number and quality of eggs. This test measures antral follicle count, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels in the blood. High AMH means good ‘ovarian reserve’ or a sufficient number of eggs in the body. Conversely, high FSH means ‘ovarian reserve’ is decreasing. Hycsos  the whole word hysterosalpingogram contrast sonography. This test uses ultrasound to get a clear picture of the fallopian tubes and determine if there are problems. 

Hormonal test

Doctors check hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, prolactin etc. to decide what medicine to give.

Physical examination of men

In addition to hormone and blood tests, semen analysis tests are performed to check the number and quality of sperm in the semen. 

Egg production 

The first step is to try to produce good eggs by injection. Usually one egg hatches every month. But in this case multiple eggs are matured as a result of drug application. IVF is done with donor eggs if sufficient numbers of eggs cannot be produced even with medication.

In conclusion,

 IVF treatment has emerged as a lifeline for couples facing infertility in Pakistan. With advances in medical technology and the expertise of fertility specialists, more and more couples are turning to IVF Treatment to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. While the journey may be challenging, the hope and joy that IVF brings to families across Pakistan are immeasurable, making it a vital and increasingly accessible option in the country’s healthcare landscape.

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