How Much Does Invisalign Cost in the UK? Everything You Need to Know

Invisalign aligner trays have skyrocketed in popularity among British adults and teenagers looking to straighten their teeth without ugly metal braces. But most patients wonder – how much does the Invisalign system actually cost in the UK?

With Invisalign treatment ranging anywhere from £2,000 to £5,000 depending on your specific orthodontic needs, it’s important for patients to understand the key cost factors. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of Invisalign pricing per month and in total across the common 12 to 24 month treatment timeline.

Average Cost of Invisalign in the UK

The average total cost of Invisalign treatment from start to finish in the UK tends to fall between £3,000 to £4,000. However, in more comprehensive or complex cases requiring detailed tooth movements and attachments, your total fees could reach closer to £5,000 or beyond.

Your precise Invisalign cost breakdown will depend on several variables like:

  • Number of aligners required
  • Length of treatment
  • Which areas of your teeth need alignment
  • If you need composite resins or veneers
  • Which dental practice provides your treatment

As a general rule of thumb, less complicated Invisalign cases tend to have lower overall costs. But no matter what – make sure to have an orthodontist evaluate your unique treatment plan so you understand exactly what is included in your private quote.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost Per Month in the UK?

When calculating based on the total Invisalign cost spread over 12 to 24 months of treatment, you can expect to invest around £150 to £250 per month. So for a standard case costing £3,000 overall, that would mean a monthly cost of roughly £250 if done over 12 months (£3,000/12 = £250).

This monthly view makes Invisalign more affordable by breaking down payments over time rather than paying 100% upfront. Most UK dental clinics will offer flexible monthly finance plans through companies like Klarna, spreading the cost interest-free over various periods.

What Impacts Your Total Invisalign Cost?

Several factors will determine your overall Invisalign investment, including:

  • Needed treatment intensity/difficulty – Simple cases start under £2,000 while more detailed alignments exceed £5,000+
  • Total length of treatment – Most plans range between 12-18 months on average
  • Extra tools needed like veneers or attachments
  • Which orthodontist provides the treatment
  • If replacement aligners or retainers are needed

Additionally, where you live in the UK will cause variation. Invisalign prices tend to be highest in areas like London and lowest in the North like Manchester or Leeds. Thoroughly compare options before starting your teeth straightening journey.

Key Benefits That Make Invisalign Worth the Cost

While certainly an investment, Invisalign offers distinct benefits over old-fashioned braces:

  • No painful wires/brackets
  • Clear plastic trays for aesthetics
  • Removable for better hygiene and fewer dietary restrictions
  • Utilizes 3D imaging technology
  • Shorter average treatment times
  • More customizable plans

By starting Invisalign treatment early, you might also avoid additional interventions like veneers or dental implants later on. Discuss the pricing and monthly payments available to you during an initial British orthodontic consultation. In many instances, achieving properly aligned teeth through Invisalign outweighs the higher upfront costs.

Comparing Invisalign and Braces Costs

While Invisalign generally costs more upfront than traditional metal braces, keep in mind that braces often require added costs over time as well for repairs. With braces, you might need to budget for frequent breakages or replacement brackets/wires which increase the overall investment.

Additionally, Invisalign treatment times are on average much shorter than braces. The typical Invisalign plan ranges from 12-18 months, while braces normally require wearing for 18-24 months or longer. By choosing Invisalign, you save money from nearly a half year less of orthodontic appointments in many cases.

Other Potential Dental Cost Savings Down the Road

An additional benefit of getting teeth straightened that many patients don’t consider is the long-term dental expenses that can be avoided later on by fixing issues early.

For example, leaving overbites, underbites, gapped teeth, or crowding unchecked puts you at greater risk for tooth decay, gum disease, bone loss issues, and other medical complications. These conditions often demand expensive dental restorations like veneers or dental implants over time when not properly treated.

Invisalign as an investment in your oral health now can potentially save thousands more in dental restoration costs in years to come. Discuss your complete treatment objectives with an Invisalign certified orthodontist specialist when evaluating the price versus value.

Payment Plan Options for Invisalign in the UK

Rather than paying 100% of costs upfront, explore the monthly payment plan options offered by most certified British orthodontic clinics. Interest-free installment plans from leading dental lenders allow you to better budget for treatment over time.

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For instance, Smile Ways offers an “Invisalign 10” payment option at £259 per month over 10 months. And Klarna or ClearPay also provide 6-12 month installment plans for teeth alignment treatment. Check what promotions or discounts might apply – some dental clinics offer £500 off for Invisalign packages paid monthly rather than fully upfront! Getting a free initial exam and quote before committing allows you to properly weigh the Invisalign cost UK versus value tailored specifically to your situation. Continue the conversation with your prospective orthodontist if you have additional financing-related questions. Call us to know the latest nvisalign monthly cost UK at Chatfield Dental Braces Clinic in London today!

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